Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Sweater Wizard

This may look like a decent sweater with one sleeve unfinished but really its a very sad sweater because I've decided it may not live for much longer. The Sweater Wizard is a computer program that lets you plug in the dimensions and choose from several styles to create your very own sweater pattern. Great concept but this monster is what came from it. It's way too big in the upper part of the sleeve and too baggy around the waist because of the excessive length. You would think that my problem is the gauge from the overall hugeness but you would be wrong. I protest! The sleeves fit perfectly in the lower arm and the shoulders fit nicely. I know the gauge is right! Anyhow, this is a very sad sweater that the so-called-wizard created. I love the yarn too much to let it stay a monster so when I gain the courage to frog it....

In other news I'm knitting away on x-mas presents (sorry, that's not really "other" news)...

Dav and I moved to our own little spot. No more roommates! You don't realize until you got it (or I suppose just lose it) that it's nice to be in control of your home. Quiet, clean, and organized the way you want it! I do miss the company when Dav is busy but I'm still more comfy in my own little place. We went to the old stompin' grounds for Thanksgiving. Yummy food.

Can't wait for my little x-mas get-away. I'm taking off two weeks to visit my extended family in Illinois and Indiana and then back into the northwest to be with the close family for a few days. Dav is meeting me there and then we will drive back down to Berkeley in the pick-up that my parents are selling to us. Lots of ground covered but I think it'll all be pretty pampered and relaxing.
(Sorry, no other exciting pictures other than the monster wizard sweater).

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