Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Slow Progress

Finding a job sucks. I feel like I've filled out a million applications. I haven't received any replies yet and I'm hoping it's because they aren't hiring until the college students are busy (next week). Anyway, my "Good Luck" bean is growing well. Thanks Grace!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Home (picture heavy)

I am finally home sweet home. Yesterday was my first day to wander around the neighborhood. Dav and I walked around a bit and purchased a few little things for our place (bath mat from the thrift store, light bulb, copied the key, a squeegee for the shower, and food). We went to the original Pete's coffee shop for breakfast. Yum yum! The train is a little further away than we thought but biking here is so easy that I'll be in super god shape and maybe save a little on train fares. Dav found out that Feldenkrais Resources is literally around the block from us. He will be able to take workshops and teach there soon. If his session in New York is canceled because of low attendance then he can easily join the group that's training here around the block. There is also a nice little cafe around the block that is cheap and vegetarian friendly. We are hoping to conserve money as much as possible so we will be cooking and packing lunches mostly. The place is really weird. I think it'll work well for us. It's a big warehouse converted into a group house of about 7 rooms. Dav and my room is the most removed and has its own shower and sink. I still have to put something on to go visit the toilette in the adjacent room. There are two kitchens and two laundry set-ups and I think 4 bathrooms in total. The skylights in most of the building are great. They let in tons of light! For most of the day I don't have to bother with turning a light on in the room 'cause it's so bright!


Enough with the chit chat and on with the fun stuff. Pictures! For the most part the trip across country was enjoyable but the last part going to Zion was the best part. I have pictures from Arches and Zion to share. We also stopped off in Vegas and gambled away $5 on slots and then had an awesome Japanese buffet for lunch after walking through the dry 118 degree weather! (no pictures from that).

Can you see me? Arches wildlife

arches arches



The heat!

arches arches



Angel's Landing trail (all the way to the top!)


Hang on! We're almost there.



Wasabi and a loaf


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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Half way

Dav and I are in Dallas TX with some friends/business partner. We've had a good trip so far. The weather has been fairly mild so far. It got a little hot while going across Tennessee and Arkansas. Lots of mosquitoes one night sent me a little over the edge but Dav was able to calm me down again once in the tent. I think I got close to 40 bites while setting up the tent!

The car has a little troubles with the hills but we took it to a shop today to get fixed. We were afraid it was a bad transmission but it ended up being something much more simple and cheaper to fix. Thank God someone or something! We also mailed the green bins to improve the aerodynamics. DHL was only 70 bucks for the both! These were taken in the Blue Ridge mountains in Virginia.



We went to Graceland, Memphis and went through the King's mansion. He was definitely a king of rock 'n' roll. I have a few pictures but they are a little fuzzy because of the prohibiting of flash inside. The jungle room was awesome but I also enjoyed seeing the funky old kitchen.


P8030006 (Modified).JPG

I'm sure I will have plenty more pictures after the Grand Canyon and Zion. Later.