Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Six Month Segment

Note: This is mostly a rehash of things I've done over the past six months but haven't blogged about. Most of the pictures and happenings I already posted on Facebook but this is a good summary for those interested

I had a full and therapeutic summer full of friendly, warm, smart, creative, open, and supportive people. Most of my time involved getting to know the contact improv community, visiting Malia in Hawaii with my sister, Jackie, and working part time for MonkeyLectric (business seems to be going pretty well).

In the vein of electrical work, I was able to be with Circle C Electric for about a week working at an amazing Stanford theater updating their electrical system for fancy new theater gadgets. I was hoping to stay with this company since they specialized in theaters, but because of the recession they had no work for me so had to lay me off. Thanks to a friend, Stig, I was able to work at remodeling a bathroom in Berkeley for about a month. I can't say I did the best job but I sure learned a lot and loved the working atmosphere.

( "working" at home on my mood lighting)

I took a little side trip out to Massachusetts and New Hampshire for my friends Gwen and Greg's wedding.

(I caught the bouquet)

P7300030 by Meghan Ballog Yarnie. (wedding gift I made using SPYN)

I was able to take a week in early October to visit my sister in Oregon who was working at the Oregon Caves National Park. She was working as a guide in the caves and teaching school groups that visited the park. She will soon be going down to another park near Arches to do similar work.


I went to school for two weeks in early October (I think?) studying the world of the electrician and then started a job in Newark with Mega Electric in November. We worked on installing a new fire alarm system for a public high school. Lots of conduit bending!

I finished with Mega Electric late December and managed to fly home for Christmas only hours before the airport in Seattle shut down because of crazy snow! I had a great two weeks of playing with family pets, playing games with the family, snowman building, sledding, sitting in front of the fire, eating, resting, knitting, and visiting with friends.

(As soon as I was picked up, my Dad and I picked up the tree)

I'm now home in Berkeley spending another two weeks studying and shootin' the **it with my fellow green electricians.

Still doing tons of knitting and dancing!
PC280034 by Meghan Ballog Yarnie.

I finished a large project that I had agreed to about a year ago. Wow, that feels good! Ale had found me while I was working at Stone Mountain and Daughter last February. She brought in several hundred little crocheted pieces that her passed mother had made but had not incorporated into anything. I made them all up into two twin bed size blankets that her twin nephews received for Christmas.

PC080049 by Meghan Ballog Yarnie. PC080032 by Meghan Ballog Yarnie.

My performance group had a successful Dia De Los Muertos performance this year in several festivals. We also performed at Illusions 7 at the Mission Cultural Center in SF. We are in a small holiday season hibernation but still cooking up some future plans. (I have one I haven't proposed to them yet).

That's the gist of it. I'm finding myself super busy and engaged in life and loving it! I have so many other plans brewing as well!