Monday, June 02, 2008

My Return

Sometimes, when life isn't going exactly the way you want, sharing with the world wide wibe isn't high on the priority list. I'm transitioning (word of the month) into new work and out of a relationship. I'm still in the angry phase, but not one tramautic event caused the seperration, just a long drawn out tension that was finally released. Work, electrical apprentiship, may start up sooner than I had feared. I'm back from vacation in Hawaii with my sister and an old friend of mine so having my new job start soon will be a relief from reliving the recent past over and over in my head. Sorry I'm being so roundabout with this conversation but it's still a sore subject and I want to come back to posting. With that taken care of...
I had a great relaxing trip to Oahu. Bonding with my sister Jackie and my childhood friend Malia and making a new friend Clara.

Beach+Camera+Malia's Mac=

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