Thursday, March 22, 2007


This is what I did today:

(I apologize for the dark lighting but it was getting later in the day)

I went to yoga class this morning and than on my walk home I was inspired to knit a flower for the bug's vase. It's been wanting one for quite some time now. I was just going to slip it into the car so I could get Dav's reaction from happening upon it instead of me shoving another knit item in front of him to ask for aproval. I figured it would take at least a day for him to spot it but it was literally minutes after I came in the house from shooting this picture that he walked in from work and told me he spotted a new knit item. He's a keen one he is!
The weather was amazing all day. I sat on the back porch in the sun with my pant legs rolled up and stripped down to my tank from yoga class. I swear I can see a little tan line but Mr "keen" doesn't see it. I guess he doesn't see everything. I know it's there!
I also made sure to call Mom today. After having two nights in a row of dreams in which either myself or her is terminally ill and can't get in touch with the other, I thought it would be a good thing to settle my mind by calling her. She's fine except for a little cold. Besides I had to tell her about the trip to Montreal and to see if Jackie (sister) liked her birthday hat (she did and has gotten several compliments). I totally forgot to take a picture of it before sending it off. She did get it in time for her birthday! I'll have to squeeze a picture from her wearing it so I can post it.

Monday, March 12, 2007

My "other" Life

Yippee. I get a mini vacation up in Montreal this week. Dav and I are driving up there to check out the possibility of moving there. He has been accepted to the Universite de Montreal and so we are both visiting while he interviews with staff. Other future living options are San Diego, Berkeley, and Maryland. My top two choices are Berkeley and Montreal but Dav really likes the department in San Diego the best so far and we're still waiting to hear back from Berkeley.
And for the current dance news in my life: (I thought I might share a little about my dancing life and not just the knitting side) A piece that I'm dancing in has an actual blog that the director is posting. Daniel Burkholder's The Playground is a fun company to dance with. It's an improvisation company, so I get to make up the movement on the spot. We have a lot of structures and sequences to remember but besides that I have freedom of movement and no worries about choreography and counts. The piece that we're working on is called "My Ocean is Never Blue" and it's focus is water.
Related to Daniel, is Andrea Burkholder, whom I have been taking aerial classes with. This includes circus arts like silks, hoops, and static trapeze. I have totally fallen in love with flying! Andrea and Sharon's company is called Arachne Aerial Arts.
The other company is Next Reflex Dance Company. We had a showing in the new Joe's Movement Emporium in Mount Rainier this last Saturday. Milestone: Dav gets to see me dance for the third time

Saturday, March 03, 2007


The sun is out and all the snow has melted away. I've decided this is the time for pretty colors so after the knitting class that I taught (by the way it went really well and several people immediately signed up for the second class afterwards) I would get a manicure. Those of you reading this probably know this is not a common past time of mine. I think the last time I went was several years ago after being coaxed by a friend.
The past few days on my walk to and from work (about a 13 min walk) I've seen several bright little flowers blooming. Maybe this far south it's not that uncommon to see flowers this early in March, but it seems a little out of place for me. Regardless, I've been enjoying them. What I'm trying to say in my loopy way is that my fingers felt they needed to be colorful too.
It was then on my ride home on the Metro that I realized it was great fun to watch my colorful fingers dancing around while I knit on my socks. I now have shiny pink spots floating in front of my eyes while I'm knitting. Hee hee! I feel so girly.

Here is a better picture of my socks. The design is called "Monkey" by the wonderful Cookie whose pattern is free on It's knit in Cherry Tree Hill "java".

And while I'm in the mood of sharing pictures of knitting here is a picture of my first displayed item at Stitch DC. It's nothing that fancy but fun to have people ooh and ahh and buy yarn because of it. It's the ballet T out of Loop-D-Loop with double strands of a worsted hand dyed cotton. Super soft but I don't remember the name of it off hand.

I also have a fun colored hat that I'm working on at the moment but out of caution that my sister might actually read this post before receiving her birthday present (the hat) I've decided to wait on posting it.