Monday, September 17, 2007


This performance was a while ago (July 23) but now I have nice pictures to share with you. This was with Human Kinetics Movement Arts directed by Yana Schniztler in New York City, Manhattan.


In the knitting front I finished this awesome sweater! The pattern is called Sahara by Wendy Bernard  and published by Stitch Diva Studios. I used four balls of Be Sweet's new Bamboo yarn. The yarn bled a lot when I washed it so I put a little bit of vinegar in the wash but it still seems to be coloring the towel a bit. Hopefully it will get over it's need to bleed and not make my shoulders red after wearing it. Besides this new discovery I find that this yarn is the most soft and beautiful I've worked with yet (I tend not to spend too much on fancy yarns, although I have a substantial amount of sock yarn lying about). It's drying as I post so I only have this crappy picture of a damp and flat garment to share with you. I will soon take a picture with it on and in good lighting.

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Wednesday, September 05, 2007


P9050009.jpg picture by meghanballog

Things are progressing. I've had an interview at an old folks home retirement community and the lady I would be working under has kept in touch with me and wants to schedule another interview with me so I can meet her boss. Good sign! If I end up working there I will basically be planning fun stuff for old ladies all day and being happy and dressing up in silly costumes and taking them to the movies and out for dinner. Sounds good right? It seems pretty emotionally demanding at times though. I think I can handle it with my super human powers of patience. I will still apply for the electrical apprentiship program and just see how things pan out. Hopefully all will come out happy in the end. Especially me.

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