Sunday, October 07, 2007

Upcoming Activities

different poses used in figure drawing

Starting in December, I'll be helping out with a class called "Draw The Feeling (DF)" that was developed by Pamela Davis at Stanford University. Don't know what all I'll be involved in, but I do know I'll be modeling movement for artists to draw.

Here I am

Also, in other news: I'm officially an electrical apprentice waiting to be dispatched. It could be up to two months before that happens though. Winter months are slow and there are 20 people ahead of me on the list.

On the knitting front: I'm working on boring scarf samples for the store so I can have free yarn/store credit. Also working on "Snickets" knee high version socks and the Icarus shawl from Interweave Knits. I really need to start a sweater 'cause it's getting chilly and it would be nice to have something warm I've made to wear to work.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Part of the Workforce Again

(grrr. computer freeze so this is the second time writing this)

I'm back in the system. I'm working at a fabric store in Berkeley called "Stone Mountain and Daughters". The store is gorgeous and the workers there are fun to be with. Mostly what I've done in the past week is organize yarn and re shelve bolts of fabric. It can get a little tiring, so I'm excited when I get to start working behind the counter this weekend, ringing people up, cutting fabric, and answering phones. It seems that my boss will be able to give me a decent amount of hours/week. I'm working 36hrs this week.

This Thursday I'm going in to ABC (American Builders and Contractors) for an orientation. I've officially been accepted into the program and now this orientation is for me to decide if this program still seems like a good idea is right for me. After that step, I wait for a contractor to pick me up as an electrical apprentice. I have no idea how long that will take, but I feel that the sooner the better. Financial stability and work satisfaction sound like good things to get going on!

This previous weekend I went with Dav and some of his Feldenkrais friends, Michele, and Amber, to the Golden Gate Bridge. It was nice to have a long relaxing walk with nice people on a beautiful day. However, the bridge is not something I would enjoy walking across again. Once is enough. The view is spectacular and the bridge is classic but the traffic noise was deafening not fun. I had to talk like I was in a crowded bar. It was still a nice walk though. I'm such a whiner.

sorry about the sideways pics
my computer hates me