Tuesday, January 16, 2007

My Heroine

I was just listening to a song from the soundtrack of Flashdance when nostalgia hit. I used to think the female heroine's were so adult and mature so when I think of these movies that I used to watch when I was a little kid I still relate these adult characters to my Mom's age. I know I'm actually reaching the age where I'm older than most of the romantic movie characters portrayed. This makes me feel like I'm getting old but on the flip side I still picture my Mom as a young heroine.

Thursday, January 04, 2007


Well it's been a while. Of course for most people the holidays create a bit of a wake in the pattern. That's why we need it though. Starting Christmas early is not about the commercialism for me but rather an excuse for excuses. Drinking more, eating like crap, not working as hard, and skipping dance classes are some of the my excuses that have developed over the past month. They all will come around and kick me in the ass though. Already the eating like crap and drinking more have created a nasty little head cold. Soon to be divulged are the results of my other excuses.

Story Time

On new years day Dav and I took a nice walk on the boardwalk in Ocean City where we had spent our previous night following his sister's drama around town from nightclub to bar. The wind was blowing hard on our walk but we both pushed though without a word to the other. Finally on a decided landmark (the dough roller) we turned back. The wind was now at our back so it was considerably warmer for our ears. Unfortunately a few drops started falling but we kept prodding down the boardwalk.
A little side note: Dav has adopted a "look" that has drawn lots of attention from strangers. This is exactly what he desires and he feels that he has finally found his "look". One main aspect being his handle bar stash that curls quite impressively towards his dimples. The other main aspect being a bowler that I trudged through London this summer looking for specifically to complete his look. The three of them have been inseparable since. End side note.
Being New Years, Dav had packed accordingly and also dressed to impress the entire time we were there including in the living room with his new pink "action pants" and on the beach walk. Bowlers, or Derbies as Dav likes to call his, are made of felted wool.
Second side note: As a knitter I know of the treacheries of wool and shrinkage. Do sheep and goats have this problem when they're stuck in the rain? Anyway, I am super careful now after my favorite hat is now a little too small for comfort. I went through lots of tugging and reworking to get it to just fit me. I know I'm lucky. I've seen much worse. End second side note.
So as you have probably already have concluded, Dav's hat was in trouble after the rain started gradually becoming a pour rather than a sprinkle. Now this is an event which Dav looks back at with frustration because he didn't think to remove the hat. He probably won't appreciate this blog. We got back to his sister's condo soaked and miserable. I was miserable because of my wet feet, coat, mittens and pants but he was mostly gloomy about the hat (he didn't even really care about the wet cashmere sport coat). Long story short (too late) I stuffed the hat after making him wear it wet for a little while. The outcome is a slightly distorted brim and bumpy surface with much less firmness all around. Outcome: I feel great that I could find a gift that meant so much to him. On the other hand I feel really bad that he had to experience the terror of shrinkage.