Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Busy Swatting

Millions of flies ocupied most of holiday weekend. I had a very entertaining and relaxing and physically chalenging weekend. It was a good mix (except for the fly part). Dav and I went to Playa Del Fuego to be the with the radical hippies of today. Lots of nudity (including a naked slip and slide) and fire. I helped with a theme camp called Camp Contact. We built a 20' geodesic dome which I really wish I had a picute of. Maybe one will turn up soon. We did contact classes and jams in the dome. Dav also taught a really good Feldenkrais ATM class. Pretty much all the rest of the time we spent lounging in the sun with friends and drinking. At night people dress up and wander around to the other theme camps. I was able to wear my fishnets that I finished knitting in Cascade Fixation a couple weekes ago. They were perfect for this event!

This is Doug...

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I don't have access at the moment but I also have an pic of Dav on some funky stilts.

Monday, May 28, 2007

One of a Kind (or non existent)

This makes me feel special. :)
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Monday, May 21, 2007

Weekend activities

Last weekend:

I performed with Nextreflex dance company in Huntington, West Virginia. (I will have a photo soon). The theater there was gorgeous! I fell in love with it immediately. It was an authentic vaudeville 1920's theater which had been converted into a movie theater for the last 40 or so years. This performance was the first live performance in the theater in who knows how many years. The audience was small in the 500 seat auditorium but very gracious. We had a great show. It's nice to be back home though so I can eat healthy foods not labeled as "American".

Previous weekend:

I traveled out to the bay area in CA. The weather was chilly but sunny and nice at the same time. It seems that weather here is very unpredictable. Dav and I helped with a workshop presented by Draw the Feeling, a friend of Dav's in Stanford U. While we were in CA we also checked out a few neighborhoods in Oakland possible for moving into. It was a very peaceful and enjoyable weekend visiting friends and getting to know the city.

Dad's whereabouts

This is for anyone who is interested in what my dad is up to. One might ask themselves, "why would she think I would be interested in what her old man is up to?" Well, if you have any interest in the outdoors and climbing mountains then check out the link:

My Dad Climbing Denali (check out the links on the side bar)

Brian Miller, Greg Ballog (dad), and Greg Gilles

I promise I will post something about knitting soon.
Over and out.