Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Follow up

This is the follow up posting.

First of all a follow up on my life: Dav and I are moving to California. He applied to grad school at Berkeley last fall and was accepted. We decided that Montreal was just too cold for us. I've never been to the Bay area but everyone I talk to says that I will love it. Dav and I have the opportunity to fly out there in a couple of weeks for free while doing a movement/emotions (probably not the correct description) project with a colleague of his from Stanford. We get the whole weekend to wander around the area, possibly looking for an apartment for August when we pack up all belongings in our beetle and drive cross country. "Yikes, I'm excited," is my general feeling these days.

Second is a follow up on the Brioche scarf:

I've written down the directions so I can send people to them when they ask me about the scarf.

Brioche Bi-Color Scarf

co 24 st in Color A on a circular needle (important)

Row 1: With color B *k1, yo, sl 1, repeat from * to last 2 sts. End with k1, sl1

Row 2: Instead of turning your work, slide the sts over cable to other needle where color A is.
Sl 1, bring color A up to work making sure it doesn't wrap around the first sl st * p2tog, yo, sl 1, repeat from * end p1

Row 3: Turn work, sl 1, bring up color B to work still making sure it doesn't wrap around the first sl st. *p2tog, yo, sl1, repeat from * end p1

Row 4: Slide sts to other needle end where color A is. With color A k1, *yo, sl 1, k2tog, repeat from * sl last st.

Row 5: Turn work. Using color B k1, *yo, sl 1, k2tog, repeat from * sl last st.

Rep rows 2-5

Feel free to post any questions or corrections.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Post for Jess

Thanks to Jess I have conquered (well almost) the brioche stitch in flat with two colors. Because the stitch requires one row of each color in order for the striping to occur, she sugested that I use circular or DPNs so I could slide my work from one side to the other to retrieve the correct color. Otherwise working back and forth would create two rows in one color instead of the desired one.

I originally saw this striping in hat patterns that you knit in the round so retrieveing colors was not an issue. Overall it seems to be working well. This is my first project ( a scarf by the way) in Brioche and I love the rhythm it creates. *yo, sl 1, k2tog* It gets a little more complicated with the two colors because part of the time you're working from the wrong side so you have to do a p2tog in place of the k2tog, but I've been taking cues completely visually. Sorry I've probably lost the non-knitters (or "muggles" as some knit bloggers like to call you) that may happen to read my blog.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

"The Earth is going to crash into the Sun"

That's what Dav has been saying this whole winter/spring season thing that's been going on. A fellow blogger aptly said, "We had Easter weather for Christmas, and Christmas weather for Easter." Some of these pictures are hard to see the snow in but it's there.

If you look closely the snow is piled on top of the white flowers.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Knit Purl Hurl

Even though Jess has pestered me many times to join her and other tipsy knitters on Tuesday nights at The Pharmacy Bar, this is only my second time around. This time I managed to do a ton more drinking than knitting. Hurling I avoided. I got to see several skeins of Karida's hand dyed yarn that she sells under the label Neighborhood Fibers. In return I let her try on my newly FO. It's difficult to interpret my cell phone pics, so I'll give you a little guided tour:

Basically the lacy red item on Karida's head is knitted lingerie. On Karida's left is the beautiful happy drunk Libby.

This is also only my second time in the physical presence of Libby. I talk to her on the phone every week asking her questions like, "Do you have color #117 in Aurora 8?" (work conversations). This time we were able to talk about more personally pertinent subjects like birth control and the weather in Chicago and Montreal.
Other highlights of the evening were the vegan margarita cupcakes created by the talented Jess. Yum yum.

To top the evening off, Dav drove by after his circus arts festival meeting and picked my drunk ass up and drove me Laurie's where I was house sitting. He's so good to me.