Thursday, July 03, 2008

dance, dance, dance

Last weekend I spent flying and bouncing off walls. I took a workshop with Project Bandaloop in their new location in Oakland. I had a blast and acquired a few bruises from the harnesses that we used. Basically it involved using a Grigri (self belay device) and an ascender to gain a little height before playing around against walls. We did flips, cartwheels, leaps, and pendulum swinging all in a horizontal plane. It's amazing the way you have to adjust to having gravity pulling you sideways.


This week the West Coast Contact Improv Festival starts, and I'm hosting a few out-of-towners for the festival. I'll write more about that after the festival is under way. Oh yeah, and I had a little Tango and Salsa dancing this week thrown in for good measure!

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jp_plus said...

oh to have been at work that day, with three red sprites bouncing on the windowpane!